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Floral Design Workshop

Workshops are open to all skill levels and we encourage anyone with a passion or interest in floral design to participate. 

Come visit our beautiful vintage style studio and we would love to share the way how we look at floral design and creating fancy dreamscapes.

‘ Floral art, like any form of creativity is a means of expression. it is a way of creating something original that expresses itself to your audience. ’

 — Ngoc Minh Ngo

Miluna Studio takes on an artistic and intentional approach to floral design and styling founded by Jaynee.We love to share our passion for flowers and design with you. Our workshops are designed to teach and inspire you to create florals that have effortless flow, movement, and texture. 


Styling the Seasons 
1:1 Flower Class


Floristry Master Course
1:1 Private Class


3d Special Dreamscape
27,28 August


Event Masterclass
Coming Soon


Bouquet + Styling class
Coming Soon

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