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About Our Artistic Director & Lead Artist

I have always enjoyed playing with colours since I was a fine art student. As a floral artist, I strive to connect audiences to the beauty of nature and the artistry of the floral arrangements. My work is always focused on creating visuals with colours, layers and delicate lines. In 2020, I grew to realize that the design process behinds floral arrangements was actually very similar to painting arts, and I began working on abstraction.

Either working from photographs in my studio or painting out in nature, I aim to illuminate the scenes with my own palette. Inspired by nature, I strive for spontaneity in my brush strokes, skilled gradations and color vibration. My work is made up of multiple layers of mixed media techniques and textures, transparent pigments in acrylic, inks and watercolour to create depth and intrigue. Today I am intuitively following my creative path, as I work to connect my art with my spirituality.


If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 

Vincent Van Gogh.


We are Miluna Studio. An individual and growing company of professional painters and decorators in Hong Kong. We are a friendly team that specialize in creating unique textures.

​Experienced Professional Decorative artist providing interior decorative finishes and mural projects for architects, art consultants and private clients.


—  Miluna Team.

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